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As a manufacturer, we offer wall murals, wallpapers, wall stickers, paintings and posters. No minimum quantities, print to size and on demand, in the highest quality.


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What we can produce for you?

Below you will find a list of products that we have as standard in our offer. If you haven't found the service you are looking for, please contact us, and we will surely find a solution.

Photo Wallpapers

Photographic wallpaper is not just limited to photographs. You can find beautiful watercolor landscapes, sketches, marbles, or abstract paintings in our offer as well. We use various substrates for printing photographic wallpapers, ranging from non-woven fabric to vinyl and self-adhesive wallpapers.


Thousands of repeatable patterns that can be replicated and scaled to any size. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used in any room. There are many substrate options available, as well as various widths of rolls to choose from.

Canvas Paintings

Photographic quality printing on high-quality canvas, hand-stretched on a wooden frame. When hung on the wall, they are visually pleasing and add a touch of class to any room.


Posters are available both framed and unframed. We offer a wide range of standard sizes, and there is also the option for customization to meet your specific needs.


Our product range includes wall stickers, staircase stickers, door stickers, and even stickers specifically designed for IKEA furniture. We have ready-made designs and templates available for you to choose from.

Magnetic Planners

Have you considered printing on magnetic substrates? Take a look at our offer of dry-erase magnetic planners or ferromagnetic materials. They provide a convenient and versatile solution for planning and organizing.


Printing Media

Printing media for Wallpapers
  • Non-woven smooth 150g/265g
  • Textured Non-woven 265g
  • Texturex Vinyls
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyls
  • Poster Paper 140g
  • Canvas 260g/300g
  • Magnetic Foil
  • Ferromagnetic Foil

Comprehensive Service

If you don't have your own e-commerce platform yet, we can provide you with a ready-to-sell store with a full product database. Contact us and start selling today!


Because, shipping also counts.

We understand that packaging, order processing and shipping time, as well as the availability of courier services, all contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. How do we handle these aspects?

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Due to our high volume of shipments, we have negotiated low rates with carriers, reduced fuel charges, and additional privileges. We collaborate with all major carriers, enabling us to deliver packages from Poland to the USA within 24 hours.

What is White Label?

What is White Label?

We ship directly to your customers, and our company information is not displayed on the courier labels. There are no markings indicating our involvement. The customer is completely convinced that you are the sender of the shipment. This way, you save time and money while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Personalize your packages

Personalize your packages

Make the unboxing process and the first impression a memorable experience for your customers. Ensure that your packages are exceptional and take care of unique packaging, as well as include additional items such as brochures, vouchers, or freebies.


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